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Shooting Sport – a Challenge

Admittedly, handling guns has become an activity that has been a major source of controversy in the past several decades. Of course, it cannot be denied that using guns is risky and as a result, should be done with extreme care and caution. However, one thing that often goes unmentioned is that shooting is still a real sport. When shooting for sport, you do not just shoot at anything that moves in your immediate vicinity. Instead, it is all about the controlled and focused handling.

I gained my previous experience with shooting through the safe framework of shooting ranges and learned a lot about myself and the sport. It is far from being a phenomenon of modern times. To the contrary, the quest to hit a distant target is probably as old as humanity itself.

Sport Shooting – Established for Centuries

I developed my shooting experience mainly in the US. While there, I had the opportunity to test various weapon models at the shooting range. One might ask, “What is supposed to be so complicated about it?” You might think that it’s a simply pointing a gun at a target and firing. However, shooting is much more complicated than it seems. In particular, dealing with large caliber guns was quite challenging for a layman like me. Attending a course or training by a specialist is recommended. With an instructor, you will receive valuable tips and be shown how to handle a weapon safely and correctly.

Shooting sports have been a long and seasoned tradition in Europe. In the Middle Ages, militias would hold competitions to determine who was the most accurate rifleman. The first evidence of real competition comes from Switzerland. In 1442, a shooting competition was held in Zurich. The sport was established itself over centuries in clubs, and in 1896, shooting became one of the several disciplines represented at the Olympic Games. At that time there were two competitions for rifles and three for pistols. Eventually, shooting clubs were established in Germany, all of Europe, and throughout the whole world. If you are interested in just trying it once, you will surely find contact information for competent professionals in your area.

Why do I find shooting so fascinating?

Anyone who knows me understands that I like to test my endurance through sports. Of course, this is not what is important during shooting, as there are plenty of other parameters. To be successful in this sport means you must be completely focused and capable of zeroing in on your task. It is vital to be patient, even when firing upon static targets. You need to find the right moment to fire the gun, which requires absolute focus and the ability to ignore everything around you. Personally, whatever worries were on my mind on the way to the shooting range

were all forgotten the moment I picked up the gun. It comes down to mental fortitude. Handling a large caliber rifle is much more difficult than you would probably assume. You cannot underestimate the recoil once you fire. Targets are usually set up at a distance of up to 100 meters, so it is difficult to imagine how you will hit the tiny center of a disk. Firing a large caliber weapon while standing up and not being braced requires a lot of effort and a steady hand, since you will feel every tiny bit of tension or excitement.

I think that shooting is a good way of finding a state of supreme focus, which is also important in daily life. From day to day, it is easy to get distracted by the tiniest details. At the shooting range, there’s the shooter, the weapon, the target, nothing else. I recommend trying it for yourself and when you do, be prepared to be surprised about what it takes to make a proper shot.