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Many people feel overwhelmed with day-to-day life. It is not easy to manage work, family, household chores and everything else that crops up. It often feels like being caught on a treadmill with no escape, playing out a similar scenario every day, attending one appointment after the other, just to be confronted with the same question each night: “What did I do for myself?” If that is what you’re going through, I have a very valuable tip for you. Pick any task, hobby, or pursuit that will allow you to fully be in the here and now. It should be something that makes the worries of daily life shrink into insignificance and, just for a while, allows you to focus solely on the present moment.

For my part, I find this in diving. It’s my ideal way of giving myself an hour or two of break. This is also why I go on diving vacation several times a year.

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